It's More Fun, Seriously


More Fun, Seriously


Midwest Fun Stuff (MFS)


  Midwest Fun Stuff is an entertainment-focused business based in Pullman, Michigan. Initially started as a beach equipment rental company, it has evolved into an entertainment hub offering a wide range of equipment and experiences to create lasting memories. Their offerings include equipment rentals for kayaking, gaming tournaments, and a cinematic projection movie system. With a commitment to impeccable service and a vision to cater to both local families and tourists, Midwest Fun Stuff aims to redefine entertainment by fostering connections and infusing excitement into every experience.


 MFS Your Ticket to Memorable Moments


  Introduction: Midwest Fun Stuff (MFS) has always been dedicated to crafting unforgettable memories and reimagining entertainment. Now, we're introducing MFS, our very own cryptocurrency, which offers an exciting way to be part of our journey.


 What is MFS?


  MFS isn't your typical cryptocurrency; it's your passport to an engaging and enjoyable experience. With MFS tokens, you become part of our dynamic community that shares our vision of redefining entertainment. Powered by blockchain technology, MFS ensures transparent and secure transactions, and you can easily trade your tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges, Tinyman and Vestige.


 The Benefits: Supporting MFS means more than just financial growth; it means:


  • Joining a Thriving Community

  • Enjoying the Potential for Earnings

  • Diversifying Your Opportunities

  • Experiencing Transparency and Security


  Conclusion: MFS cryptocurrency is your gateway to an exciting journey filled with returns, entertainment, and a supportive community. It's not about investing; it's about becoming part of something extraordinary. Join us in redefining the world of fun and finance with MFS – where every token is a ticket to memorable moments.

g opportunity that offers the potential for significant returns.

How to purchase MFS


Step 1

Download Pera  Algo Wallet App


 Create an account, create a wallet. When you create your wallet, you will be given a passphrase. Be sure to write this passphrase down and keep it in a safe place. I recommend making several copies to keep in several places, so you always have a backup. I have mine backed up on several online platforms and storage devices. If you lose this passphrase you risk losing access to your wallet and any coins you may have accumulated and stored in it.


Step 2

Add Assets to your wallet


  To add assets, first go into your wallet. Then click on the + next to where it says Assets.  Then in the search bar you would search for Algo, Midwest Fun Stuff (MFS), and USDT. and add them to your wallet by pressing the +


Step 3

Purchase Some Algo


 You can purchase Algo directly from the Pera Wallet App with a minimum of $30 US Dollars. If you already have another wallet such as Coinbase, you can purchase smaller amounts of Algo there and send it to your Pera Wallet.


Step 4

 Swap Algo 


  To swap Algo and purchase MFS you will need to go to 

Connect your PeraWallet to tinyman. This works best using desktop browser for Tinyman and mobile app for Pera Wallet.


  Then go to swap.  In the top box you will want to select Algo. In the bottom box, you will select USDT or Tether. Then make the swap. 


  Next go back to swap. In the top box you will select USDT. In the bottom you will select MFS. Click to make the swap.


You will have to sign each transaction. To do so you will open the Pera Wallet App and wait for the popup, the click to sign. If the popup does not show. Just Refresh your browser and try again. The previous transaction will cancel.


After you sign the transaction,


 You will be the proud owner of some MFS COIN.  You will have invested and own a stake in Midwest Fun Stuff and our success would not be possible without your belief in us.


 We created this coin to allow anyone to invest in us. 


 You have stake in our company. You will be the ones to gain an ROI from your investment. We have a great plan to Establish, Grow, and Repay our investors through this coin.



But this is our way to try.

Disclaimer: Investing in any company involves risks, including the potential loss of your entire investment. Before investing in our company, please carefully consider all relevant factors, including your financial situation, investment objectives, and risk tolerance. It is recommended that you seek independent financial advice before making any investment decisions. We do not guarantee any return on your investment and we cannot guarantee the success of our business. Any statements or projections regarding our future performance are forward-looking and may not be accurate. We urge you to thoroughly review all information provided before making any investment in our company.


Creating Memorable Experiences: The Midwest Fun Stuff Journey




Introduction: In a world bustling with technology and fast-paced lifestyles, the pursuit of memorable experiences has become more precious than ever. It's about those moments that make your heart race, those shared laughter-filled days, and those stories you recount with a smile. At the end of the day we are only left with our most memorable moments. Midwest Fun Stuff (MFS) is a place where these moments are not just cherished; they are crafted.


The Genesis: MFS didn't start as the expansive entertainment hub it is growing into today. It began with a simple vision – to make summer adventures accessible to everyone. Nestled in the picturesque town of Pullman, Michigan. Just a few miles away from the seemingly endless  beaches of Lake Michigan. MFS set out to provide affordable and convenient rental services for those seeking outdoor fun. 


Equipment Rental: We started with just a few kayaks. The idea was to equip people with the tools they needed to create their adventures – to paddle into the sunset or embark on an exploration of the beautiful Southwest Michigan landscape.


The Expansion: But MFS had a bigger dream. It envisioned itself not just as a rental company but as an entertainment powerhouse. The realization dawned that fun wasn't confined to the summer months or the beach alone. It could happen year-round, and it could take on various forms.


Entertainment Hub: So, MFS expanded its horizons. It ventured into the world of gaming, and hosting exciting tournaments that brings together gaming enthusiasts and families alike. Board games, card games, and epic video game nights will soon become part of the MFS experience.


The Cinematic Magic: Then came the crowning jewel – the 16-foot inflatable projection screen paired with a 1080p HDMI projector and a powerful 12-inch 2000 watt PA speaker system. This innovation transformed any space into a cinematic wonderland. Whether it's a family movie night, a thrilling game night, or an outdoor movie marathon, MFS now delivers the magic of the big screen right to your doorstep.


Community and Beyond: But MFS isn't just about equipment and events; it's about fostering connections and building a vibrant community. The vision includes charity events and partnerships with local organizations, spreading joy beyond boundaries.


Conclusion: Midwest Fun Stuff is more than a business; it's a dream realized. It's about giving people something to enjoy. It's about crafting moments that stay etched in your heart, moments that you'll cherish forever. So, whether you're exploring the beautiful Michigan waters, battling it out in a gaming tournament, or enjoying a captivating outdoor movie, MFS is there to create those memories. Join us in this journey of fun, excitement, and shared experiences because at MFS, every day is an adventure waiting to happen.