MFS Reelplay Arena

Looking for something to do in Pullman Michigan? MFS ReelPlay Arena is the place you've been looking for! Immerse yourself in a world of limitless fun and excitement as we redefine your leisure experience. Our center will be a hub of electrifying activities, including family game tournaments, karaoke showdowns, live music events, and more. But that's not all! Get ready to embark on cinematic adventures in our lounge area, featuring captivating film screenings that will transport you to new worlds. And while you're here, don't forget to grab some tasty concessions, from crunchy chips to refreshing sodas, adding a delightful touch to your entertainment journey. Console 3d gaming is available on our 50 inch 3d moniter. Arcade gaming, billiards, airhockey, and more promises even more thrills. Join us at MFS ReelPlay Arena and make unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime!


Stay Updated On Movie Schedules, Game Nights, and Special Events At The ReelPlay Arena

Family Gaming Tournaments

Get set for the ultimate family face-off, where only the strongest will prevail and claim victory, prizes, and of course, bragging rights!

 Thursday Karaoke 

Unleash your inner superstar every Thursday night! Join us for an evening of fun, music, and laughter as you take the stage to belt out your favorite tunes. Whether you're a seasoned performer or a first-time singer, our supportive and lively crowd is here to cheer you on. 

Live Music Events

Experience the magic of live music as we showcase the incredible talents of our local artists, creating a night of unforgettable melodies and hometown vibes!


Small Town, Big Screen


Relax and unwind in our Cinema Area, where the silver screen meets hometown comfort. Enjoy blockbuster movies, delicious snacks, and a cozy atmosphere.

Stand Up Comedy

Get ready to laugh until your sides hurt because Stand-Up Night is here! Our stage is set, the spotlight is on, and our talented comedians are ready to serve up a hilarious evening of non-stop humor. Join us for an unforgettable night of laughter and fun!

Open Mic 

Open Mic Night? Our mic is always open for musicians, poets, comedians, and performers of all kinds. Share your talent with a supportive and enthusiastic audience.

Table Game Tournaments

Join the excitement at our Board Game & Card Game Tournaments! From chess and Scrabble to Spades and Magic: The Gathering, we'll have thrilling games for everyone. Compete, strategize, and claim victory!

Stay Updated On Movie Schedules, Game Nights, and Special Events At The ReelPlay Arena


Midwest Fun Stuff (MFS): Your Ticket to Memorable Moments




For years, Midwest Fun Stuff (MFS) has been dedicated to crafting unforgettable memories and reimagining entertainment. Our journey began with a simple yet profound mission: to provide people with experiences that would create lasting impressions. Today, we're taking this mission to the next level by introducing MFS, our very own cryptocurrency. This innovative venture offers an exciting way for you to not only be part of our story but to actively shape the future of entertainment and finance.


What is MFS?


MFS is not your typical cryptocurrency; it's your passport to an engaging and enjoyable experience. By acquiring MFS tokens, you gain membership into our dynamic community that shares our vision of redefining entertainment. Powered by the secure and transparent technology of blockchain, MFS tokens are easily tradable on various cryptocurrency exchanges, including Tinyman and Vestige.


The Birth of MFS


The concept of MFS was born from our desire to connect people through memorable experiences. While we've always been passionate about providing top-notch entertainment and rental services, we saw an opportunity to enhance our offerings. We envisioned a digital ecosystem that would not only complement our physical services but also bring our community closer together.

MFS is more than just a cryptocurrency; it's a symbol of our commitment to innovation and excellence. It represents our dedication to creating a world where everyone can access unforgettable moments.


The Benefits


1. Joining a Thriving Community


When you become part of MFS, you're joining a thriving community of like-minded individuals who believe in the power of entertainment and innovation. Our community is the heartbeat of MFS, and together, we're shaping the future of fun. We believe that joy multiplies when shared, and our community embodies this spirit.

As an MFS token holder, you gain access to exclusive events, discussions, and opportunities to interact with fellow enthusiasts. It's a chance to make new friends who share your passion for entertainment and adventure.


2. Enjoying the Potential for Earnings


MFS offers more than just financial growth; it offers the potential for significant returns. As we continue to expand and explore new avenues in entertainment, your MFS tokens become a ticket to exciting opportunities. While we cannot guarantee specific returns, we can assure you that your investment contributes to the growth of MFS and the enhancement of our services.

In addition to the potential for capital appreciation, we are actively exploring avenues for token utility within our ecosystem. This could include exclusive discounts, early access to events, and much more. Your MFS tokens aren't just tokens; they're keys to a world of possibilities.


3. Diversifying Your Opportunities


MFS isn't just a cryptocurrency; it's a gateway to diversifying your opportunities. With our community, you'll discover new horizons in both the entertainment and financial realms. Whether you're an experienced cryptocurrency enthusiast or new to the world of digital assets, MFS offers an exciting way to expand your portfolio and explore the intersection of technology and entertainment.

As part of our commitment to diversification, we are actively exploring partnerships and collaborations that will not only benefit our token holders but also contribute to the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem.


4. Experiencing Transparency and Security


Powered by blockchain technology, MFS ensures that all transactions are transparent and secure. You can engage with MFS with confidence, knowing that your investments are safeguarded. The blockchain provides an immutable ledger of all token movements, ensuring transparency in the issuance and circulation of MFS tokens.

Blockchain technology also enhances security by reducing the risk of fraud and unauthorized access. Your MFS tokens are protected by robust encryption protocols, further bolstering the safety of your digital assets.



The MFS Roadmap


Phase 1: Introduction and Community Building


The initial phase of MFS is all about building our community and introducing the concept of MFS to the world. During this phase, we'll focus on:

Community Engagement: Hosting events, webinars, and discussions to foster a sense of belonging among our token holders.

Token Distribution: Ensuring a fair and widespread distribution of MFS tokens to early supporters.

Partnerships: Exploring partnerships with entertainment providers, businesses, and platforms to expand the utility of MFS tokens.

Feedback Collection: Actively seeking feedback from our community to shape the future of MFS.


Phase 2: Utility Expansion


In the second phase, we'll work on enhancing the utility of MFS tokens. This includes:

Exclusive Access: Offering token holders exclusive access to Midwest Fun Stuff events, rentals, and experiences.

Discounts and Rewards: Introducing token-based discounts and rewards for our services.

Integration: Exploring ways to integrate MFS tokens into the Midwest Fun Stuff ecosystem, making them a central part of our offerings.


Phase 3: Ecosystem Development


The third phase marks a significant step in our journey. We will focus on:

Ecosystem Expansion: Exploring opportunities to use MFS tokens beyond the Midwest Fun Stuff ecosystem.

Innovation: Continuously seeking innovative ways to enhance the value and utility of MFS tokens.

Community-Driven Governance: Exploring options for community governance, allowing token holders to have a say in the direction of MFS.




In conclusion, MFS cryptocurrency is not just another digital token; it's your gateway to an exciting journey filled with returns, entertainment, and a supportive community. It's not about investing; it's about becoming part of something extraordinary. Join us in redefining the world of fun and finance with MFS – where every token is a ticket to memorable moments.

Together, we're creating a future where entertainment knows no bounds. Embrace the adventure, and let's craft memories that will last a lifetime with Midwest Fun Stuff and MFS. Your journey begins here.