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Who We Are


Welcome to ReelPlay Arena, a place where dreams come true and fun never ends! Located in the heart of Pullman, MI, at 5881 109th Ave, we are the premier entertainment venue for families, friends, and fun-seekers of all ages.


Our Founding Story


The story of ReelPlay Arena begins with a simple yet profound vision rooted in the experiences of our founder. Growing up in a small town with limited entertainment options, he often found himself driving to the nearest city for a movie, arcade, or a game of pool. The local scene was dominated by nightclubs, which often faced closure due to violence and over-intoxication. Determined to provide a safe, family-friendly alternative, he envisioned a place where people of all ages could come together to create lasting memories.


In pursuit of this dream, Midwest Fun Stuff was born. Initially focused on renting outdoor recreational equipment like paddle boards and kayaks, the company quickly expanded its offerings. The acquisition of a 16-foot inflatable movie screen marked a turning point, but the impending winter season called for a new plan.


Serendipitously, a long-time business owner in the heart of town decided to relocate, leaving behind the perfect space for our founder's vision to take shape.

Against the odds and the naysayers, ReelPlay Arena was established as a movie theater, arcade, billiards, and gaming center all rolled into one. From day one, the community embraced us, and we have been growing ever since.


Our Mission


At ReelPlay Arena, our mission is to provide a safe, fun, and inclusive environment where families and friends can come together to enjoy a variety of entertainment options. We strive to be a cornerstone of the community, offering a unique and affordable destination for all.


Our Team


Our dedicated team is passionate about delivering an exceptional experience to every guest. From our friendly staff at the concession stand to our game attendants and event coordinators, everyone at ReelPlay Arena is committed to making your visit memorable.


Community Impact


We take great pride in our role within the Pullman community. By offering a safe and engaging space for all ages, we help keep our youth off the streets and out of trouble. Our events and activities foster a sense of belonging and community spirit.


Unique Features


ReelPlay Arena stands out for its diverse range of entertainment options, all under one roof:


  • Movie Theater: Enjoy the latest blockbuster releases on our 12.5-foot screen.
  • Arcade Games: Classic and modern arcade games for all ages.
  • 3D Gaming: Immerse yourself in cutting-edge 3D gaming experiences.
  • Board Games: A wide selection of board games for family-friendly fun.
  • Billiards and Air Hockey: Challenge friends and family to a game of pool or air hockey.
  • Foosball and Karaoke: Unwind with a game of foosball or showcase your singing talents.
  • Outdoor Equipment Rentals: Paddle boards, kayaks, and more for outdoor adventures.


Customer Experience


At ReelPlay Arena, we aim to create an atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and valued. Whether you're here for a movie night, a gaming marathon, or a casual hangout, we want you to leave with a smile and memories to cherish.


Future Plans


As we look to the future, we are excited about expanding our offerings and enhancing our facilities. We plan to host gaming tournaments, acquire more movie titles, and introduce new activities to keep our guests entertained.

Join us at ReelPlay Arena and become part of our growing community. We can't wait to see you!



Creating Memorable Experiences: The Midwest Fun Stuff Journey




Introduction: In a world bustling with technology and fast-paced lifestyles, the pursuit of memorable experiences has become more precious than ever. It's about those moments that make your heart race, those shared laughter-filled days, and those stories you recount with a smile. At the end of the day we are only left with our most memorable moments. Midwest Fun Stuff (MFS) is a place where these moments are not just cherished; they are crafted.


The Genesis: MFS didn't start as the expansive entertainment hub it is growing into today. It began with a simple vision – to make summer adventures accessible to everyone. Nestled in the picturesque town of Pullman, Michigan. Just a few miles away from the seemingly endless  beaches of Lake Michigan. MFS set out to provide affordable and convenient rental services for those seeking outdoor fun. 


Equipment Rental: We started with just a few kayaks. The idea was to equip people with the tools they needed to create their adventures – to paddle into the sunset or embark on an exploration of the beautiful Southwest Michigan landscape.


The Expansion: But MFS had a bigger dream. It envisioned itself not just as a rental company but as an entertainment powerhouse. The realization dawned that fun wasn't confined to the summer months or the beach alone. It could happen year-round, and it could take on various forms.


Entertainment Hub: So, MFS expanded its horizons. It ventured into the world of gaming, and hosting exciting tournaments that brings together gaming enthusiasts and families alike. Board games, card games, and epic video game nights will soon become part of the MFS experience.


The Cinematic Magic: Then came the crowning jewel – the 16-foot inflatable projection screen paired with a 1080p HDMI projector and a powerful 12-inch 2000 watt PA speaker system. This innovation transformed any space into a cinematic wonderland. Whether it's a family movie night, a thrilling game night, or an outdoor movie marathon, MFS now delivers the magic of the big screen right to your doorstep.


Community and Beyond: But MFS isn't just about equipment and events; it's about fostering connections and building a vibrant community. The vision includes charity events and partnerships with local organizations, spreading joy beyond boundaries.


Conclusion: Midwest Fun Stuff is more than a business; it's a dream realized. It's about giving people something to enjoy. It's about crafting moments that stay etched in your heart, moments that you'll cherish forever. So, whether you're exploring the beautiful Michigan waters, battling it out in a gaming tournament, or enjoying a captivating outdoor movie, MFS is there to create those memories. Join us in this journey of fun, excitement, and shared experiences because at MFS, every day is an adventure waiting to happen.